Symphony: UK Government is Right About Plastic Bags

Symphony submitted written evidence to the Environmental Audit Committee (EAC) of the UK Parliament and has analysed their report published on 6th February 2014. Symphony’s conclusion is that the Government is right to propose favourable treatment for biodegradable plastic when it introduces a 5p charge for plastic shopping bags in 2015. The EAC has shown insufficient cause for its opposition to such treatment.

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Plastics: should they get the oxo treatment?

The Roediger Agencies conducted tests on oxo-biodegradable plastic bags and found that "that plastic products made with oxo-biodegradable technology may be recycled without any significant detriment to the newly formed recycled product.”

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UAE bans plastic products in 15 categories, unless they are oxo-biodegradable

The United Arab Emirates is rapidly emerging as one of the most developed countries in Western Asia, partly due to its substantial oil reserves, ranked at 6th place in the world.

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A Partnership between Robert’s Bakeries and Symphony Group

Robert's Bakery originally started using d2w on their White and Seeded Farmhouse Loaves when they Launched the Seeded Farmhouse back in April 2009. They are just in the process of re-launching their packaging and as part of that re-launch they've rolled the d2w film out to their entire premium range, which includes 3 Malted Wheatgrain SKUs as well as the 2 Farmhouse loaves as above.

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