A Partnership between PaperTyger and Symphony Group

The PaperTyger is a part of the Chase Corporation that has established a strategic distribution partnership with Eurotrade Business Products (’EBP’). EBP has been in the development and distribution of specialty papers and innovative postal-packaging products. It is now a leading supplier to the graphics and office-products markets striving to offer the best quality product and service excellence. PaperTyger and EBP pride themselves with their environmental credentials, given that they are fully accredited FSC suppliers.

PaperTyger offers a great range of products from envelopes and graphic papers to their recently introduced Oxo-Biodegradable materials.

Symphony and PaperTyger started working on development and production of a range of oxo- biodegradable office materials. Many paper items and envelopes are disposed of carelessly, but both companies have developed a solution for this environmental problem by making the products biodegrade at the end of their useful life. PaperTyger is promoting d2w in its oxo- biodegradable range of products using its well- established network of distributors.

PaperTyger envelopes are manufactured from FSC accredited paper and Symphony’s d2w oxo degradable film, plus the solvent-free laminating process means no harmful chemicals enter the waste stream

d2p Anti-bacterial . A series of d2p anti-microbial.

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