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d2w controlled-life

Oxo-biodegradable plastics.

d2w is a masterbatch which, when included at the manufacturing stage, turns ordinary plastic at the end of its useful life into a material with a different molecular structure.

d2p Anti-fungal

A series of d2p anti-microbial.

d2p Anti-fungal is a non-silver based masterbatch designed to combat moulds, fungi, decay organisms, bacteria and algae.

d2p Anti-bacterial

A series of d2p anti-microbial.

d2p Anti-bacterial is a silver based masterbatch designed to provide plastic with anti-bacterial properties.

Detector machine

Detect specified masterbatches.

d2Detector is an invaluable tool for analysing the chemical composition of plastics, for quality control and anti-counterfeiting.


Scrap tyre solutions.

w2v is a disposal solution of scrap tyres. The SymTyre-S300 - which can reduce a scrap tyre into flat-pack components within 60 seconds.

Tag & trace

Anti-counterfeiting performance.

d2t is a masterbatch that provides anti-counterfeiting performance. Tag and trace technologies offer the ability to accurately determine the content of your plastics.

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