Tag & Trace Technologies

Anti-Counterfeiting Systems.

A masterbatch tracer technology system

Read the exact contents of your packaging material and will prove what is genuine and what is not.

What is d2t?

One of Symphony’s recent developments is another technology which can provide anti-counterfeiting properties to your product. There is an ever growing counterfeiting business all over the world, especially in some parts of Europe and Asia. It has been perfected to the extent that it is sometimes difficult for a human eye to spot the differences between the original product and the counterfeit.

d2t is a masterbatch that provides anti-counterfeiting performance. Tag and trace technologies offer the ability to accurately determine the content of your plastics.


d2tag provides a highly sophisticated security solution using a microtag smaller than a grain of salt with over 1 billion unique codes for authentication and brand protection. Made of clear, high-purity silica, "Generally Recognized As 5afe" (CRAS) by the FDA. d2tag carries product intelligence such as batch number, manufacturing date, plant location and authorised country of sale. Tags are edible, biologicaliy inert and can be applied via inks, dyes, paints, extrusion. Tags can be applied to almost all high-value items made from almost anything.


d2trace is a masterbatch tracer technology which provides plastic with a unique traceable property.

Added at a rate of only 1%, d2trace is compatible with the vast majority of plastics. The tracer is added at the manufacturing stage. No change is required to manufacturing process. The tracer is invisible, but can be read using the portable d2Detector equipment.

High value, genuine products

Make your chosen products authentic that consumer trust and believe.


Applicable in capsule pills, etc.


Applicable in cigarette box wrap, etc.


Applicable in bottle’s seal, etc.

Tag & Trace is ready

d2t Tag & Trace is the value-added technology with many benefits. And it’s available to use.

  • It provides plastic with a unique traceable property.
  • Added at a rate of only 1% at the manufacturing stage.
  • No change required to the manufacturing process.
  • d2trace is compatible with the vast majority of plastics.
  • Using the d2Detector, your product can be identified in under 1 minute.

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